I am on a mission to help professionals across the United States and beyond develop their inner resources so they can:


Regain their energy and ease,

step into amazing opportunities with confidence,

and create sustainable success

from the



We are all here to make an impact. At whatever level and in whatever way, the world needs what you have to offer.


By building your inner game, you will have the capacity, skills, and resilience you need to make your impact in a way that is also sustainable for you, so you can lift the weight that has descended on you, eliminate the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, and find that calm confident balance you've been seeking.


VisionProject's signature approach to coaching focuses holistically on on transformational change, so that you become the person you need to be for this next, thrilling stage of your beautiful life. This approach, which incorporates both ancient practices and modern science, allows clients to make positive changes in their lives with relative ease, and leaves them feeling unstoppable again. Remember that feeling?


I am a Certified Master in the Transformational Coaching Method, psychotherapist, philosopher, former wealth manager, health warrior, emotional intelligence, leadership, and behavioral geek. I have my BA in Philosophy and Art from Northwestern University, a JD/MBA in strategy and a Master of Social Work in clinical psychotherapy from the University of Iowa.


Above all, I am a seeker of how we live the good life and started VisionProject to help others on their own journey toward lasting health, wealth, and happiness - generated from the inside out.


Katy's empathetic and enthusiastic approach is instantly welcoming....She has an immense toolbox to draw from and her approach is truly holistic, making me feel fully part of the coaching experience as she guides me to gain my own clarity and awareness. ~Julien Elizabeth, CEO, JulienElizabeth.com 


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