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Top 5 Strategies to Conquer Overwhelm and Optimize Effectiveness


“Before the VisionProject Program, I was overwhelmed and fatigued. Life felt chaotic with the demands of family and the pressures of work...I am now back in control and confident in honoring my boundaries so that I can focus on what is important. The whole experience has increased my energy and brought me immense satisfaction and a sense of peace.” ~Patricia M., Senior Vice-President 


THE TRUTH - On the outside we shine, while on the inside we are barely holding it together 

No matter who you are or the levels of success you have achieved, we all struggle at some point in our lives. We do not know what we want or take on too much and get buried. We doubt our abilities or how we got to where we are and question everythingWe can lose our confidence, our equilibrium, and our joy, even as we struggle to keep up appearances.



We all want to to feel clear, calm, and in control. We want to regain that strong, confident woman we know ourselves to be and enjoy this life we are working so hard to create...




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We are all here to make an impact. At whatever level and in whatever way, the world needs what you have to offer.


By developing your inner game, you will have the foundation and resources you need to make your impact, but in a way that is also sustainable for you.


By leading yourself first, you maximize your potential and quality of life.


You become a leader that others want to follow.


And you create impact.


It starts with you.


Your ability to create a clear and compelling vision.

Your ability to speak your truth.

Your ability to stay calm and in control in the face of surrounding chaos.

Your ability to be creative, resourceful, and decisive.

Your ability to set and maintain boundaries.

Your ability to take criticism and have difficult conversations with grace. 

Your ability to manage your time and energy.

In building your inner resources,

you become a leader that others want to follow,

and you create maximum impact, without sacrificing health or happiness. 



Katy's empathetic and enthusiastic approach is instantly welcoming.... She has an immense toolbox to draw from and her approach is truly holistic. ~Julien Elizabeth, CEO,  



Katy Burno has spent the last 25 years advising, mentoring, coaching, and counseling. She is a Certified Master in the Transformational Coaching Method, a Master of Social Work in clinical psychotherapy, and an indomitable champion of individual potential and the human spirit.


In the tradition of Socrates and the great philosophers, she uses powerful questions to cut to the heart of the matter and guide clients to their own insight and brand of sustainable success.


Katy is an observer, a big picture thinker, and philosopher. She is a creative problem-sovler and strategist, as well as an emotional intelligence, leadership, and behavioral geek.


She also happens to be a former wealth manager, attorney, and mediator with a BA in Philosophy and Art from Northwestern University, and an MBA/JD in strategy from the University of Iowa. 


Above all, she is a seeker of how we live the good life and started VisionProject to help others on their own journey toward a meaningful life lived from the inside out.